FANA Oligos for RNA Silencing

Why use FANA Technology?  Here is why. Transition of RNA silencing and manipulation approaches from the bench to the bedside has thus far been hampered by a number of challenges which are commonly encountered by the existing research products. Some of the challenges include inferior RNA target accessibility (i.e. accessibility to the target sequence), off target effects, less potency, high toxicity, poor extracellular, poor intracellular stability and most importantly delivery into target cells. AUM’s next generation oligonucleotide technology is based on innovative FANA modifications which gives our oligonucleotides an unprecedented highly efficient design. FANA technology platform provides significant improvements and enhancements over conventional RNA silencing and regulation tools and cuts the overall costs of running an experiment. AUM’s RNA silencing and regulation tools are extremely versatile as they take advantage of a variety of FANA architectural designs developed through extensive research and development efforts.

Advantages of FANA oligonucleotides for Gene Knockdown Studies

  • Ideal for primary cells or difficult to transfect cell types.
  • Ideal for animal studies.
  • Self-transfection/delivery (Gymnotic Delivery): FANA oligos are taken up by the cells without the use of any delivery agent. No need to use transfection reagents. This reduces toxicity caused by transfection agents.Cellular delivery of the oligonucleotides without a delivery agent (case specific). This also reduces toxicity typically caused by transfection agents.
  • Resistant to degradation by serum and cellular nucleases. Provide enhanced duration of activity.
  • Low non-specific protein binding reduce toxicity.
  • Ability to bind to RNA target with high affinity and specificity. Less off target effects.
  • Extremely potent and effective; high bioavailability.
  • Highly stable.
  • Cost effective.

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