Collaboration is a key component of therapeutic development

Academic Alliances

Crowdsourcing innovations to develop the next generation of therapeutics.

Crowdsourcing (definition): The practice of obtaining ideas by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers. Crowdsourcing combines the efforts of numerous passionate, curious, self-motivated, enterprising, talented thinkers and idea driven people to solve complex problems in unprecedented ways. At AUM LifeTech, we are also testing this concept to contribute to the future of medicine.

There are about 7000 orphan/rare diseases and we have a cure for less than 10% of them. Other conditions, such as cancer, have proven too aggressive and heterogeneous to cure despite the billions of dollars spent every year in their treatment. Clearly something is missing and something needs to be changed. We need to go beyond the normal and find solutions on a more holistic level. We need to find new ways to solve these old problems.

To begin any therapeutic innovation we primarily require two major components – Technology and Target (for a disease). Many times both these components work in isolation and do not interact in perfect harmony. AUM LifeTech would like to create an environment where both these assets can work together to develop the next therapeutic innovation(s).

AUM is actively looking for genetic targets that can be investigated using FANA technology. Apart from our in-house efforts, we would like to crowd source ideas by collaborations with some of the best minds and innovators in the world. To this end, if you think you have an RNA target that may have therapeutic application(s) – AUM may just have the tools to modulate it. Let’s collaborate!

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corporate alliances

Therapeutic development: AUM is interested in collaborations with biotech/pharma companies on genetic targets that can be investigated for potential therapeutic development using AUM’s 3rd generation FANA RNA silencing and regulation technology.

Non-therapeutic areas: AUM’s technology platform has the potential to work across spectrum in a several gemomics related verticals. We are open for strategic alliances with biotechnology, diagnostic and agriculture companies.

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