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Billions of dollars are spent annually by private, public, and government research organizations to better understand bacterial genetics and function. Improved knowledge is needed to stay ahead of antibiotic resistance and combat the emergence of powerful superbugs. Globally, more than 700,000 deaths are caused every year by antimicrobial resistance and recent reports indicate that this death toll is expected to increase. New gene silencing technologies are needed now more than ever to face this rising threat.

AUM LifeTech’s next-generation RNA silencing and regulation technology can not only target these microorganisms, but is versatile enough to adapt quickly to new threats. Prokaryotic organisms have proven difficult to treat with conventional gene therapeutics, but AUM’s FANA antisense technology provides a superior RNA silencing alternative which can work in these pathogens.

We are interested in therapeutic areas that are affected by microbial infections:

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• Virus
• Bacteria
• Fungus
• Plasmodium

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