Cancer Immunotherapy using RNA Targeting Technology

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CD4+CD25+ T-regulatory (Treg) cells inhibit the body’s immune responses and thereby prevent autoimmune diseases, but they can also limit the body’s immune response to cancer. As a result, they are considered one of the key factors limiting current efforts at improving the outcomes of immunotherapy in patients with a wide variety of different types of cancers.

Treg cells are recognized by their nuclear expression of a unique protein, FOXP3, that unfortunately cannot be directly targeted by drugs or antibodies.

We have developed next generation self-delivering anitisense oligonucleotides (ASO) that specifically decrease FOXP3 expression in vitro and in vivo in the Tregs of mice and of humans and thereby help activate conventional T cells. These anti-FOXP3 ASO promote antitumor immunity in mouse and impair human Treg function in humanized mice.

We are currently undertaking preclinical studies and further evaluating our identified anti-FOXP3 ASO lead compounds in preparation for IND-enabling studies and applications in patients with cancer.

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