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At AUM LifeTech, we are working towards developing novel solutions with a goal to make food sustainable using minimal resources. AUM LifeTech’s Non-GMO RNA silencing approach can be used to fight infections and improve production in aquaculture.

AUM LifeTech’s FANA antisense technology provides a superior RNA silencing alternative which can provide longer persistence for topical applications in non-transgenic plant protection programs. Further, since FANA technology can be self-delivered it provides significant improvements over conventional RNAi strategies and certain gene editing technologies like CRISPR which still need additional delivery strategies and may also have unknown permanent off-target effects.

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The versatility of AUM’s next-generation RNA silencing and regulation technology can potentially allow us to target any disease indication as long as it has an RNA based genetic link. This can be mRNA, microRNA or a long non-coding RNA. We are interested in several aquaculture improvement programs, including but not limited to the following:

• Fish (infection control)
• Fish (production)
• Shrimp

We are always looking for collaborations, strategic alliances, or licensing opportunities with academic labs, research organizations, non-profit organizations or biotech/pharma companies. Click here to learn more.