Animal Health

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Therapeutics are not only relevant to people, but also are necessary for the treatment and care of animals as well. From sick pets to antimicrobial treatment in livestock, there is a constant need for treatments that can work effectively in a variety of different biological systems.

AUM LifeTech’s FANA antisense technology provides a superior RNA silencing alternative. FANA-ASOs can be used to very efficiently target a variety of RNA modalities, and have been shown to work in many different animal models. The versatility of AUM’s next generation RNA silencing and regulation technology can potentially allow us to target several disease indications as long as it has an RNA based genetic link. This can be mRNA, microRNA or a long non-coding RNA. We are interested in several animal health areas, including but not limited to the following:

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• Pets (Dogs and Cats)
• Cattle
• Equine
• Poultry
• Swine

We are always looking for collaborations, strategic alliances, or licensing opportunities with academic labs, research organizations, non-profit organizations or biotech/pharma companies. Click here to learn more.