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At AUM LifeTech, we are inviting the global scientific community to partner with us to help better understand the genetics of coronavirus and find a potential cure for COVID-19.

AUM LifeTech’s FANA antisense technology provides a superior RNA silencing approach which can provide a highly sequence specific gene silencing approach to understand the biology of the disease. Further, FANA technology can be self-delivered and does not need any formulations for delivery. It provides significant improvements over conventional RNA modulation strategies and can be easily translated from cellular to animal studies leading to preclinical programs.

The versatility of AUM’s next generation RNA silencing and regulation technology can potentially allow us to better understand the biology of Coronavirus and can help develop therapies for Coronavirus. We are interested in several programs, including but not limited to the following:

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• Understanding Coronavirus Genetics
• Coronavirus Target Discovery
• Therapeutic Development

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Additionally, we are always looking for collaborations, strategic alliances, or licensing opportunities with academic labs, research organizations, non-profit organizations or biotech/pharma companies. Click here to learn more.